Sophie Brioudes Photographe © 2020

Unconditional love

I met so many women since I am a photographer but also in my life, and I realized that each one had difficulties for accepting onself as they were. I would be lying if I told you that I had no complexes too. The fashion world spares no one and the oppressive societal pressure constantly challenges the criteria of judgment and beauty towards the female body.

« Unconditional love » is my way to making women exist in all that they have of sweet, sensitive and sincere.My photography will be my tool to show that all women are beautiful and that they can afford to love themselves, unconditionally.

Each of these women came with their complexes and difficulty loving each other deeply. This is probably the biggest mission I haven’t ever do and I take it with a lot of interests and convictions. Let’s be honest, not all of your complexes will go away on photoshoot because it’s a long process but my wish is to create a trigger and move you ahead.

I deeply thank these women who trusted me and accepted that I publish an image from our series. Without it, the cause cannot be sustained.